Extracurricular activities typically take place outside of the regular school day, either before or after school, or at times, over the lunch time in place of recess. These activities can change from year to year and vary from school to school.  For more information, contact the teacher listed in charge or the school front office.

Extracurricular clubs at Rockland School are listed below.

Instrumental Music is also a great way to get involved.   


Activity Description Sponsor
Morning Broadcast Fifth Grade Students produce video announcements for the school. Mrs. Johnson
Games Galore Students stay after school to play board games with their friends.

Mrs. Plebanski

Math Club (K-2) Students in K-2 participate in math games and activities. Mrs. Williams
Tinker Tuesday

Kids in 3rd-5th grade choose a STEM focus and work for several weeks on a selected project.

Mrs. Johnson
Chorus Club Fourth and fifth grade students learn songs in a chorus setting.  Mrs. Vente
Chess Wizards Students learn the basics of chess in an after school club. Outside Provider
Destination Imagination A worldwide creative, team-focused, STEAM competition. District 70 students from 3-5 start out competing regionally, then can advance to the state level, and then may reach the global competition. Mrs. Sundh
Digital Storytellers  Fifth grade students learn to tell stories via technology. Mrs. Sundh
Book Club Students read and discuss books during an lunch/recess club. Mrs. Johnson
Band Fourth and fifth grade students will get together by grade level to practice their instrument and perform in the band. Lesson times vary. Mrs. Vente
Recess Club Students participate in indoor activities during recess time. Mrs. Williams
Post Office Third, fourth, and fifth grade students run the post office with letters that are written by students and teachers at Copeland. Ms. Ryan
Scrapbooking Club Third, fourth, and fifth grade students make scrapbooks during their lunch/recess blocks. Dates vary. Mrs. Johnson
Student Council Third, fourth, and fifth grade students get to work on service projects and collaborate on ways to help Copeland. Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Sundh
Basketball (4th) Fourth grade girls, and fourth grade boys. Practices vary. After school games where K-5 schools play against one another. 

Mr. Kolar

Basketball (5th) Fifth grade girls, and fifth grade boys. Practices vary. After school games where K-5 schools play against one another.  Mr. Kolar
Cheerleading Fifth grade students practice and cheer for after-school basketball games.  Mrs. Ryan
Intramural Sports Fourth and firth grade students participate in intramural soccer, floor hockey, and volleyball. Practice times vary based on enrollment numbers for each sport. 

Mr. Kolar

Continental Math League All 2nd-5th grade students participate in this math contest within their classroom throughout the year.  Students solve higher-level math problems using their problem-solving skills.  Students with top cumulative scores are recognized at the Awards Assembly. Mrs. Salm
National Geographic Bee All 2nd-5th grade students participate in a geography challenge within their classroom.  This contest is designed to see how much they know about the geography of the world around them.  Students with top scores are recognized at the Awards Assembly. Mrs. Salm
Talent Show Students perform a variety of acts. Mr. Baker and Mrs. Wilson