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Rockland Family Association The Rockland Family Association (RFA) is an organization that provides interesting and fun events/programs for our children and families. Helping to enrich their experience at Rockland Elementary School. All families attending District 70 schools are automatically members of their school's family association. The RFA is governed by a set of by-laws and run by an elected executive board. The RFA meets every month or two in the evenings in the school library. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. 


RFA News & Announcements

The RFA News and Announcements can be found by reading through the Rockland Review. The RFA posts in each newsletter, and shares sign ups and upcoming events! Be sure to take a look at the latest Rockland Reviews for the latest RFA news and announcements!

April 5th Rockland Review

RFA Activities and Projects


RFA Provided Events

  • Welcome Back Picnic
  • Halloween and Valentine's Day Class Parties
  • Fifth Grade BBQ
  • Favorite Author Day
  • Field day
  • Marriott Theatre Trip
  • Trunk or Treat/Spring Egg Hunt
  • PE Field Trips
  • Rockland Raptor Run
  • Rockland Cares Club

Here’s a Snapshot of What We’ve Done| RFA Projects 

  • Rockland Elementary Playground
  • Multiple Murals within the school
  • Sponsored  assemblies including Bully Prevention with Improv Playhouse
  • And more incredible plans in the making with our Rockland Gift Fund!