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We would like to welcome you to the Rockland School Learning Center. Enter into a world full of mysteries, fantasies and stories! Come for a minute and stay for an hour.

‚ÄčOur vision is:
Rockland Learning Center is an ever-changing, welcoming and flexible learning environment for all students, parents and staff alike. It is a place to freely ask questions, cozy up with a great book, relax near our critters and hear inspirational book talks. Student directed research is both planned and spontaneous here.

Rockland Learning Center is the heart of Rockland School.
All are welcome.
Please come visit.
Answers are waiting.

Our mission is:
The mission statement of Rockland Learning Center is to foster critical thinking skills, instill ethical research practices and promote life-long readers in a welcoming, warm, learning environment. We will:

  • provide ample opportunity for research from a variety of print and technology sources.
  • collaborate with staff to provide a cross curricular approach to learning.
  • foster a love of reading by creating opportunities for the perfect book choices.
  • develop school wide reading initiatives with our parent partners.
  • create open ended problem based learning/research to allow for differentiation among our diverse student population.