Special Events & Volunteers

What special occasions are there during the year?
Two classroom parties are planned each year at Copeland (Halloween and Valentine’s Day). We take a whole school field trip to a children’s theater performance, thanks to our Copeland Family Association. Classroom celebrations are separately communicated.

May I send in Birthday Treats to celebrate my child’s birthday at school?
Due to an increase in the number of food-related allergies in recent years, birthday treats in the form of food are discouraged. However, you and your child can choose a special activity or way to celebrate birthdays through a “birthday menu.” These will be provided by classroom teachers in the fall.

How can I participate in my child’s classroom?
Volunteerism is valued and encouraged at Rockland. A wide variety of activities will be available such as reading to students, supporting classroom stations, chaperoning field trips or cutting out and preparing instructional materials at home. More information about volunteer opportunities will be posted in your child’s classroom at Curriculum Night held in the first weeks of school.  Reach out to the Rockland Family Association for other volunteer opportunities.